Update: 6 months in Madrid

Few words can describe what it feels like to have reached this milestone. We’ve been here almost six months. Six!

After 6 weeks of manic apartment hunting we began to settle in more gently, a time punctuated by mad moments involving some comedically complicated paperwork problems. Life has now become consistently very busy, which was to be expected of course. The way of life here may be relaxed but the pace of life is on a par with most capital cities.

Life in Spain is not all Paella, jamón and cerveza you know…

Latest news:

  • Lydia has a job! – Lyds will be writing a post here on the blog about the story of getting the job but, suffice to say, it was an unexpected and wonderful turn of events.
  • Lydia has another job!! – Again, I’ll leave Lyds to explain but she incredibly has employment from September onwards in a different job to her current work. This gives us security and confidence that we can stay in this awesome city for at least another year.
  • Ben is planning to renew his year-long program for another school year which would see him continuing to teach in the same school in Getafe for the next academic year. He loves the school and the school seems to put up with him, so this is great news.
  • We both teach private English classes each week, which are vitally important for surviving financially. Lyds is cutting down on hers to focus on her job and Ben is adding classes as he goes. Making friends with Spanish parents is very useful for finding kids to teach!
  • After a long struggle, we are all finally registered as living in Spain. Despite being the most tedious aspect of life here so far, we are so delighted by this. Only people who have lived in Spain will understand the sense of achievement!
  • Church is great. And growing. Three baptisms recently and more and more Spanish speakers attending on Sundays and coming along to mission groups such as the Hablemos+ language exchange on Wednesday evenings. Ben is part of the team for this group and is loving every minute of it, not least because they meet in a bar that specialises in chorizo…
  • Yohan seems to add a new Spanish word or phrase to his vocabulary every day and really enjoys school. Alexis is starting to walk and talk and, while we are speaking only English with him, he clearly says ‘no’ with a Spanish accent!
  • Ben is very happy to be involved with the excellent English speaking food blog MuchBites.com. You can read his latest restaurant review post here.
Buzz (aka Yoyo) with his classmates. A normal day at school

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