About us

We are the Green family*, originally from Poole in the UK. We love Spain. We’ve moved to Madrid because we feel called to live a life here that is adventurous and speaks of our faith in Jesus (more on this below).


About 5 years ago we started to plan this move and we are so excited to finally be here! We’ve given up some really cool (and comfortable) opportunities back in the UK. Ben turned down his dream job making music and Lydia walked away from a significant salary increase in her role as a social worker. Life certainly won’t be comfortable for us here, not at first anyway. A new country, a new language, a new culture. That said, we are thrilled to be giving it a go in the greenest capital city in Europe, along with nearly 3.5 million other people. The economy ain’t too hot, unlike the summers, but we have faith to survive and thrive here.

Our reasons for coming here are simple. We believe God has a plan for everyone, that He loves everyone. We are so amazed at what He’s done for us that we want to live in a way that others can see how great He is. On our own we are nothing special, in fact we needed saving in the first place, but when we realise what God wants for us – freedom, life to the absolute fullest, then we are changed. This change makes the impossible possible. It turns mourning into dancing. Ashes into beauty. We can’t help but feel the need to use this one life we have to do good things – do the best we can in every situation to live generously, prefer others, help the poor and build community from the ground up that sustains every member.

We hope you enjoy reading. ¡Hasta luego!

*Team Green consists of: Ben (31), Lydia (20s) and our two boys, Yohan (3) and Alexís (1).